15 months!

On July 16, 2015 I turned 15 months old. To celebrate, my doctor invited me over to his office to hang out! I assumed we were going to play fun games, but it was a set-up. Instead, he said I had to endure 3 shots and get all sorts of measurements. I thought we did that last time I visited him. Rude! Once I was onto his dirty trick, I tried to hide behind the chair.

But, he found me. And here’s what we learned:

  • I’m 22 lbs and 13 oz, or “fashionably slim,” says Doc.
  • 2 ft, 7 inches puts me in the 57th percentile for height/length.
  • My peanut head, however, remains below average at the 27th percentile.
  • Even though I’m pretty tough, I’m still not a fan of those dang shots.

Needles, however, aren’t the only thing on my Dislike List these days. I also have a negative reaction to:

  • Watermelon (Yuck!)
  • Car washes (Scary!)
  • Life jackets (Not at all comfortable)
  • and Puppets (See photos below)

Yet, as I grow older, I also find more things to love:

  • Root beer floats (Yes, please!)
  • Pickles (I get that from Mom)
  • Fireworks (So. Cool.)
  • Ping pong balls (Throwing them across my classroom is the best)
  • Window-licking (See photo below)

So, if anyone is interested in being my best friend forever, please reference my above list of favorites.

One thought on “15 months!

  1. Nice job, hiding behind the chair, Jaeger! I will keep that in mind for my next checkup. I love licking everything, too! -Sonia

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