8 years

Dear Nana Florence,

Today marks 8 years of missing you. Mom talks about you often, but once in a while those “memories sneak out of mom’s eyes and roll down her cheeks.”

Every time I hear about you, I’m convinced that, even if you weren’t my grandmother, you’d probably be my best friend. My partner in crime. The peanut butter to my jelly. So I hope you know, today and always, that I’ve reserved a special place in my heart for you… where beautiful stories are planted and deeply rooted in love… stories that grow stronger with the sunshine of laughter, but sometimes require the waters of cherished memories.

So we smile, we laugh, we cry, and we remember.

Best friends forever,
Jaeger xoxoxo

One thought on “8 years

  1. 🙂 She was a very special mom! Keep her memory alive, just as you are. You would have loved her, Jaeger.

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