Move over Wisconsin Governor….

…we have a new “walker” in town! Let me teach you a few tricks, perhaps, what it looks like to take steps forward instead of backwards: (See below video tutorials)

Milestone accomplished! I’ve also spent my first couple months of being a one-year-old earning the below list of bragging rights:

  • I learned how to snap!
  • I am a meat eater. Nom, nom, nom! I love brats, hamburgers, breakfast sausage, you name it! But, Mexican food is my favorite entree. Also, I am quite fond of adult beverages, mostly whole milk.
  • I’ve been trying on a couple new smiles: wrinkle-nose-face and the Home-Alone-mouth-wide-open. Somehow they enhance my cuteness.
  • I love to throw the ball around and I’ve got a good arm on me.
  • I invented my own version of the moon walk.
  • Call me a book worm! I’m especially a sucker for those stories with no plot.
  • Put on some good music and my butt automatically starts to wiggle.
  • I can open and close the garage door.
  • I am a trendsetter! According to a recent Yahoo Parenting article, my middle name (Amari) tops a list of gender neutral baby names that are quickly rising in popularity. (Thanks for pointing that out, Kari!)

Impressed? Well, there’s more to come! Being one is fun and I’m just getting started!

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