Good Times with Papa Florence

Last weekend I took my earaches and my grumpy face to go visit Papa Florence! I sure love him and he loved me back, despite my occasional meltdowns. We had a full weekend…catching up, playing with my cars (and his cars), and showing off my still-can’t-walk skills… but my favorite part was giving Papa high-fives! I also met Uncle Bryan and hung out with Aunt Donna. Thanks for the visits!! Before heading back north, we practiced hitting some golf balls so Mom could represent at her big golf outing the next day. After Dad taught her a few swinging techniques, Mom took over the golf clubs and she was really good…. at missing the ball. How embarrassing! Hopefully I inherited Dad’s hand-eye coordination. Nevertheless, Mom still participated in her golf outing and everyone was really impressed…. with her plaid golf pants.

One thought on “Good Times with Papa Florence

  1. Hi peanut and gang. How sweet it was to visit with you. Sure hope your ears are much better this week. Your mommy and daddy were a big help around here as usual. Now that your mommy is a golf pro, I expect tiger woods can retire now. Have a great week. Pops

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