Pre-party in the Dells

Woo-hoo! I’m almost a one-year-old! To prepare for my upcoming birthday, my parents drove me to the Wilderness Resort Water Park in Wisconsin Dells to splish, splash, and have a blast! (Thanks for the free passes, Great Uncle Norman & Great Aunt Gerry!)

We had a super duper day! First, we enjoyed a couple laps on the lazy river and then we spent most of our time at the kiddie pool, where the cool kids hang out. It was all fun and games until I fell…

…asleep. Pre-partying is hard work.

Then, somehow, when I woke up, I found myself at the outlet mall. (Sneaky move, mother.) Mom claims we arrived there to search for my birthday present, but the polka-dotted pants she bought did not look my size. Once we finished “birthday shopping,” we met Great Uncle Norman & Great Aunt Gerry for a yummy dinner date before heading back up north. I love being almost one! Almost birthdays are the best!

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