Life is good!

My dad returned home from Montana! I missed him so much that I tackled him when he walked in the door, and then I pinned him to the ground with hugs and kisses! Too bad Mom had to leave for Chicago a few days later… I think they’re just trying to take advantage of my Miss-You-Then-I-Kiss-You policy.


I’ve been quite busy over the last couple weeks…
I got up on stage to make my debut at the ATP Open Mic Night!

Then I attended the IOPA social and got to hang with some of my favorite peeps!


However, in the midst of all this fun, I’ve forgotten how to lay on my back like a good little boy during diaper changes. Oops!


But, while I regress in some areas, I make progress in others. Check out my new dance skills in the video below… I can do the worm!

 I also got introduced to bubble gum and that stuff is FUN-ny!

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