Experiencing apple orchards & Hmong New Year celebrations!

I visited my first apple orchard yesterday. It was so neat! Besides apples everywhere, I saw huge sunflowers, bright orange pumpkins, and a bunch of silly farm animals. There was also a corn maze, a slighty scary haunted house and fun hayrides! Mom and dad enjoyed apple pie cookies, caramel apples, apple cider and a variety of sweet and delicious apples right from the tree! I can’t wait to get more teeth!!

After we filled up on everything apples, we traveled to La Crosse for the Hmong New Year celebration, where we perused vendors, watched volleyball and soccer matches, and visited with friends. We walked by all the food stands and took in many delicious smells before Mom and dad decided to indulge in a refreshing mango bubble tea and crisp, sizzling egg rolls. Teeth: where are you already?! What a perfect day! Next time we do this, I’m bringing some teeth so I can fully participate in all festivities instead of returning home to mushy, tasteless sweet peas. Yuck!

One thought on “Experiencing apple orchards & Hmong New Year celebrations!

  1. Hey Peanut, looks like you had tons of fun at the apple orchard, but I must say I liked the fashion statement you set, your hat was a big hit. Pops

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