Great Grandma Goodenough

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Last weekend we went to visit Great Grandma Goodenough in the hospital. She smiled when she saw me… I seem to have that effect on people! Unfortunately, she passed away a few days ago and today we attended her funeral. I put a white rose in her casket so she knows that I loved her. I know I’m going to hear stories about her for years to come… stories of cheese popcorn, pork chops, casino runs, blonde brownies, camping, cheering for the underdog, fishing contests, 48 hours, Judge Judy, cats, Euchre, and more. I can tell she was pretty incredible by how deeply she was loved. It’s funny how you can miss someone that you’ve only just met, but I trust that I will see her in those around me. And I hope that, somehow, she sees me too.

5 thoughts on “Great Grandma Goodenough

  1. Great Grandma was a great lady! I know she was so happy that she got to meet you and spend her last few days with you! Don’t worry there are many great memories to pass along to you and when you are older I will teach you some of her great card playing moves!

  2. That is so cute. Jaeger must be very sad that he did not get to know her for very long.I feel sooo bad for him.I bet that if he could speak he would say,After awile, Crocodile…You lived so long,but died to soon.he must be ssooo ssaad.He should either Completly forget about it,or get over it.

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