Oktoberfest 2017

At least I’m consistent.

Similar to last year’s Oktoberfest parade, I once again failed to fully implement the high-knee march that I spent hours perfecting in my living room. It was unfortunate because I had even planned to showcase my new move: the backward march. But, despite an expanded Paparazzi this year, comprised of Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom & Genesee, it just wasn’t my moment to shine. Regardless, my parents say I’m still a star. Probably because only they know the full extent of my marching talents. From the comfort of our sofa their front row seats, they have experienced my silly backward march, the sloooowwww-motion march, my super-fast march, and the post-shower “naked bear” march (translation = bare naked). That, my friends, is the real show! Sorry you missed it.

Hidden Trails

Some people call it Hidden Trails, but we located the address easy peasy, and it was the perfect way to welcome the fall season…. by admiring gorgeous pumpkins and navigating West Salem corn fields with my buddies, Sonia & Idris! Even though the calendar said it was almost October, the 93-degree day felt more like mid-July. But sweaty or not, it was still a cool place with so much fun to be had! In fact, as soon as Genesee is old enough to read a map  keep up with the big boys  stay awake for longer than five-minute increments, I’m going to tell her to “Get Lost!” With me! In the Hidden Trails Corn Maze!